Excel in Practice  

Excel has saved me thousands of hours work and earned me thousands of pounds maybe this website will have something to help you?

Excel for Accountants is under development

Dear Friend

I have used Excel since 1993. Originally I wanted to help a friend to automate aspects of her business and decided that Excel could help although I knew very little about it.

So I taught myself everything I needed at that time including how to use Macros (later became Visual Basic) to automate repetitive tasks. It was amazing and exciting.

Then I started to teach others (which taught me a lot - you have to know the answers to all the questions that might arise).

Then I answered questions on Accounting Web and became a 'guru'. Then I developed some products for accountants based on Excel.

That finished in 2004 when I discovered property investing and only used Excel for myself and ignored my website.

Now I have returned my focus to the accounting profession.

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1969, spent two years in South Africa with Deloittes, returned to the UK and bought into a small local practice in Sussex. I merged and helped grow a multi partner practice which is now in the top 100 in the UK.

Then I discovered computers in 1980 and helped found and run an IT company which produced Accounts Production and Time Recording to 3,500 firms. Then sold out in 1990. Retired from the practice in 1993 and discovered the delights of Excel.

OK so I should retire but I love mucking about on the internet and I have gathered a lot of information which could help accountants.

This site is mostly about Excel and the sister site is all about Outsourcing. So if you want an easier life have a dip into both sites.